Permaculture course at Adriatic island 2017

In June this year, Croatian island Zlarin will host 72-hours Permaculture Design Course. It is a chance to attend an international PDC, and to visit Adriatic coast at the same time.
In a beginning of the summer, Zlarin is not yet crowded, so visitors can enjoy great weather and empty beaches on a very quiet island.
Centuries old tradition of coral harvesting on the island existed due to very clean sea. Zlarin is one of several Croatian car-free islands.

During 10 intensive days, the course covers: basic permaculture principles, soil and plants, water management, sustainable housing and building techniques, off-grid and DIY energy solutions, urban permaculture, alternative economy & decision making, sustainable communities. During last three days of the course, participants will design their own future projects.

Croatia is a good place to learn permaculture: though there aren’t many developed projects yet, this country has one of most vital and fastest growing permaculture scenes in Europe. Some of leading Croatian teachers (Ivan Gregov, Damir Šeler) will give lectures and workshops at this course. It is a team of educators with 10 years of experience, previously involved in projects like site design, forest gardens, green roofs and walls, water purification systems, etc.

This PDC offers an international certificate, the language is English. Accommodation and meals are included with the course. As always with PDC, the main focus is on redesign of living spaces into self-sustainable systems, and the purpose is that you join those who already did it, after attending to the PDC.

Dates are 9th to 18th June 2017. 
For more details (or for the inquiry about other dates) please write to: <>